Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yo Lovers,How have we all been ey ey ey ~ I have been alrightish~
Highlights of the week: (more like last week+ this week) Movieworld Fright Night!!!! the best! and the coolest cake I baked...yeh successful hohoho!
So.... Frightnight! It was soooo goood compared to last year's. I suggest everyone one of you to Sign up for and book your tickets! SO much fun eventhough it
was crowded and it rained like poo~ but seriously compared to last year's, its a bomb!
What to expect:
erm... there will be 3 haunted houses, a few live shows, 4D journey to the centre of earth something and all the other rides. I bought the 19.99 one and seriously it is worth every cent! like normally it will cost you I think around 70AUD? to enter~ and there will be NO HAUNTED HOUSES so yeh! IT IS WORTH IT GUYS! eventhough its 29.99 this week and 39.99 next week~ IT IS STILL WORTH IT... SO MUCH FUN!

Well the haunted houses are all very... scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the 4D thing is alright... only for people who havent watched the movie I guess... I liked it but my other friends think its stupid.... so yeh~ out of the three haunted house (freddy's nightmare, Saw, 3D psycho maze) Freddy's nightmare is the scariest and the best I believe. So if any of yous wanna go ~~ LINE UP FOR FREDDY's FIRST! some people didnt get to do it last time since it was so packed... so DO THAT ONE FIRST! It is very very scary=.= there's this part where its like a kid's room and you walk pass it some scary baby song will start to play and you will hear laughter and BAM! some ghost jumps out from the closet hohoho =.=! Oh and when you walk into Movieworld... there will be zombies chasing you around so... be aware of your surroundings... kinda scary=.= like they will come running to you when
you are not looking at them=.= so yeh!!! BE PREPARED hohohoho! Saw maze was scary too but not as scary as Freddy's... ~ and 3d one is ok.... ha I dont know maybe it is because I was never the first / last person entering so I wasn't that scared but for saw... they actually scare the people in the middle instead of the first so if you are a pussy like me then go in front=.= for saw... I nearly piss my pants.. Nah not really HOHO but yeh~ scary ho~
Till then Lovers!

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